Scholarly contributions & activities of

St Andrews Fellows of the Centre for Syrian Studies (CSS)


1. Jinan Al-Habbal

2. Talip Alkhayer

  • PhD research at the University of Bath. Focus on studying terrorist rhetoric from a socio-psychological point of view. Case studies: Al Qaida and ISIS.


3. Samir Altaqi

  • Working with a team from Cambridge University and a German foundation named”Korber Foundation” to develop a negotiation model for Westphalia in the Middle East. 


4. Francesco Belcastro

5. Maria Challhoub

  • Presentation on sectarianism in Aleppo.

6. Michelle Burgis-Kasthala

Leiden Journal of International Law, 2020. 

European Journal of International Law, Volume 30, Issue 4, November 2019.

7. Jörg Michael Dostal

8. Haikn Dukhan

9. Jasmine Gani

10. Alasdair Gordon-Gibson

  • In the process of publishing PhD thesis (Humanitarians on the frontier: identity and access in the socio-political space of voluntary service) which analyses, among other issues, the contesting discourse around the humanitarian identity presented in some of the public media and institutional documentation (UN reports etc) during the early months of the conflict in Syria.

  • Currently in Jordan and have been engaged in discussions with UN agencies and others over contingency planning for assistance to Syrian refugees in the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once travel re-opens, Alasdair will be extending his work towards consultancy on broader humanitarian assistance to Red Cross/Red Crescent activities in Syria and Lebanon.

11. Natosha Hoduski

  • Exploring the Hydropolitics of the conflict in Syria

12. Raymond Hinnebusch

13. Omar Imady

14. Rana Khalaf

  • PhD Thesis: Dealing with Governance during Conflict, a Key to Peace? The Case of the Syrian Conflict

15. Özden Zeynep Oktav

  • Part of a team that prepared a report on Turkey's border security and the impact of the construction of the Wall along with Syrian border on local Kurdish/ Arab origin people and Syrian refugees.

16. Ola Rifai

17. Muhamad Shabarek

  • Innovation Project Manager - UNDP Syria

18. Anders Strindberg

  • Conducting research on the effects of the war in Syria on Palestinian oppositional politics.

  • Engaged in research on Kurdish and Islamist identity formation in Syria, Iraq and the diaspora.

19. Özlem Tür

  • "Turkish Foreign Policy and the Syrian Crisis: Challenges, Opportunities and Shifting Alliances", 2019 in Orient - German Journal For Politics, Economics and Culture of the Middle East.

20. Tina Zintl

  • Focusing on Syrian refugees in the neighbouring countries.

  • DIE study "Community effects of Cash-for-Work programmes in Jordan. Supporting social cohesion, more equitable gender roles and local economic development in contexts of flight and migration" (with M. Loewe, J. Fritzenkötter, V. Gantner, R. Kaltenbach, L. Pohl) will be published this summer.

  • More info on the research project is available here

  • Several presentations at various conferences on the findings of this project: (e.g. "Effects of cash for work programmes for Syrian refugees and Jordanians on social cohesion and local economic development in the Jordanian host communities" at The Fourth MENA Social Policy Network Conference on 30-31 Oct 2019 in Cairo).

  • A journal article about how international assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan affects the local social contract is currently being prepared.

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