Local Politics in Syria: Organization and Mobilization in Four Village Cases - 1976

Rural Politics in Baathist Syria: a case study in the role of the countryside in the political development of Arab societies - 1977

Political Recruitment and Socialization in Syria: The case of the Revolutionary Youth Federation - 1980

Syria Under the Bath: State Formation in a Fragmented. Society - 1982

Party Activists in Syria and Egypt: Political Participation in Authoritarian Modernizing States - 1983

Pax-Syriana?: The Origins, Causes and Consequences of Syria's Role in Lebanon - 1988

Bureaucracy and Development in Syria: The Case of Agriculture - 1989

Authoritarian Power and State Formation in Ba'thist Syria: Army, Party, and Peasant (Westview Special Studies on the Middle East) Hardcover – March, 1990

State & Civil Society in Syria - 1993

ASAD’S SYRIA AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER: The Struggle for Regime Survival - 1993

The Political Economy of Economic Liberalization in Syria - 1995

Does Syria Want Peace? - 1996

Syria: the politics of economic liberalisation  - 1997


The Foreign Policies of Middle East States: Introduction: The Analytical Framework - 2002

Globalization and Generational Change: Syrian Foreign Policy between Regional. Conflict and European Partnership - 2003

Syria after the Iraq War: between the neo-con offensive and internal reform - 2004

Resisting American Hegemony: the Case of Syria - 2005

Contrary Siblings: Syria, Jordan and the Iraq War – (with Neil Quilliam) - 2006

Modern Syrian Politics - 2007

Défier l’hégémonie américaine : la diplomatie syrienne de l’Irak au Liban - 2007

The American Invasion of Iraq: Causes & Consequences - 2007

The US Invasion of Iraq: Explanations and Implications - 2007

What does Syria want? - 2008

The Syrian-Iranian Alliance - 2009

Syrian Foreign Policy under Bashar al-Asad - 2009

The Ba'th Party in Post-Ba'thist Syria: President, Party and the Struggle for ‘Reform’ - 2011

Syria: from ‘authoritarian upgrading’ to revolution? - 2012

2014 - ثلاث سنوات على الأزمة السورية 

2014 - هشاشة الدولة المتصدعة

The Multiple Layers of the Syrian Crisis - 2014

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