• Joshka Wessels

Bombs Away! Does bombing make any sense as a solution to stop

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“For many of the Syrian civilians in these liberated areas, it felt like the Assad regime was coordinating with the coalition airforces. With the widespread destruction in cities like Aleppo, Homs and Hama, the Syrians lost the last little hope and faith in the international community they still had”

“The video activists I interview have to deal with these traumas on a daily basis. Many of their footage contain the deep traumatic experience of Syrians having to dig up their loved ones, holding up the body parts of their children, crying out in despair what they have done to deserve this and why everyone has abandoned them”

“Although they came from a variety of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds and political viewpoints, there is one thing these Syrian voices all unanimously agreed upon; bombing is not going to solve the war”

Josepha Ivanka Wessels Postdoctoral Fellow University of Copenhagen, Denmark Senior Fellow - Centre for Syrian Studies, University of St Andrews

Member of the Dutch Platform for the Middle-East


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